On October 6, head Of the restoration, conservation and binding service of the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan B. Sarsenbayeva took part in the online conference of the Russian state library "Discussion of the project of the third stage of the program for the preservation of library collections of the Russian Federation 2021-2030".

The purpose of the event: to familiarize the wide audience with the work done on the conservation of library collections; to create network of model restoration centers based on regional libraries; to preserve fonds in use; to organize training for specialists in the preservation of library collections and research in the field of conservation of library collections.

The conference was attended by: Sosnin A.A., head of project office, head of Department of preservation of fonds of the RSL; Salomatina O.A., head of Department of complex projects for safety control to safeguard fonds of the RSL; Kashcheev A.A., head of the sector of preventive conservation the Department of restoration of library fonds of the RSL; Guseva E.N., the Director of the Department of state and priority projects of the RSL; A.G. Goryaeva, the head of the Federal center for documents preservation, the city of Saint Petersburg and Dineeva O.V., Deputy Director for Maintenance of the state public historical library in Moscow.

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