On October 8, 2020 at 11:00 hours there in the Hall of world literature took place the opening of the Book corner “The window to Korea”. The activity was prepared by National library of the RK together with the General consulate of Korea in Almaty city.


The Great steppe and the Korean peninsula are tied by the links the history of which goes into antiquity, but it is namely in the conditions of the national sovereignty of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Korea which made it possible to establish the diplomatic relations between the two countries, that there dynamically develop the multilateral cooperation.

Kazakhstan and Korea are united by the strong cultural-humanitarian links. And this inspires for new ideas, projects, joint cultural actions.

There act the National library of the RK from 2004 successfully operate and develop the Book corners of Russia, China, Pakistan, Turkey, India, Iran. The corners of the foreign countries at the National library of the RK are conducive to the strengthening of the informational, cultural and scientific links between the peoples.

The project “The window on Korea” was initiated by the National library of Korea which from 2007 open in the libraries of different countries the centres “Window on Korea”. And today such a centre opened up at the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan. With the financial assistance of the National library of Korea and the partnership assistance of the General consulate of Korea in Almaty city there is organized the reading hall with the new equipment, furniture, technics and the provided literature from Korea.

The date of opening of “The window on Korea” was chosen not incidentally and is timed to the national holidays of Southern Korea. On October 3 there in Korea is celebrated one of the main state holidays – the Day of foundation of the state. On October 9 there in the Republic of Korea is celebrated the holiday of the Korean written literature – “Khangyl”.

There at the activity spoke: director of National library of the RK Ospanova Bakytzhamal Kayirbekovna, Head of the representation of the MFA of the RK in Almaty city Erlan Uzanovich Iskakov, the General consul of the Republic of Korea in Almaty city Kim Khing Su, Head of the department of historical-cultural heritage of the Department of culture of Almaty city Djulayev Akhat Kairatovich, Academician of the National Academy of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Academy of natural sciences, professor of the International academy of informatization, doctor, honored figure of science and technology of the Re[public of Kazakhstan Pak Ivan Timofeyevich, Deputy Chairman of the Almatinskiy Korean national centre Kan Georgiy Vasilyevich.

During the activity there was demonstrated the video-greeting of General director of the National library of Korea Mrs. So Kheran.  

There is signed the memorandum on cooperation between National library of the RK and the General consulate of Korea in Almaty city.

The activity was accompanied by the performance of the symphonic quartet of Almaty city, the demonstration upon the screens of the TV-sets and the informational terminal of the video-topics about the activity of the National library of Korea and the slidfes  

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