On September 23, there within the framework of the celebration of the 90-th birthday of the founder of the chair of nutriciology of the school of nutriciology of Kazakhstan Toregeldy Sharmanuly Sharmanov took place the donation of 150 copies of the book named “The Almaty Declaration. The address to mankind”.


There in the book is given the history of development, the ways for forestalling the problems of deficit of the micronutrients and the strategy in this direction.

There are shown in the book the strategy of observation of the main trends of the policy of the diet during the reform of health care, the ways for development and the discussions.

There are shown the main trends of the healthy diet and the results of the information-enlightenment issues and the first steps of the medical-sanitary assistance in the Republic of Kazakhstan. This book is dedicated to the scientific workers of the medical sphere, the doctors, workers of the health-care sphere, the historians and the general public.

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