On September 29, National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the All-Russian state library of foreign literature after M.I.Rudomino carried out in the online format the International panel named “Conservation and restoration of the manuscript and print heritage”. The activity took place within the framework of the work of the Agreement on cooperation concluded between these libraries, and with the active partnership interaction of the two Regional IFLA/PAC Centres. There in the work of the panel participated the specialists from Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

There were heard the greetings of Iskaliyeva N.A.- deputy director of National library of the RK, Smirnova O.I.- head of the Centre for coordination and provision of international activity of the VGBIL after M.I.Rudomino and Claire Mcguire – coordinator of the IFLA/PAC Strategic programme.

The participants of the programme of the panel made their speeches by the following themes: safe-keeping of the collections, the main trends of work of the departments of restoration of the National libraries of different countries, the modern state and the prospects of development of the system of preservation of the manuscript and print heritage etc.

There were discussed the possibilities of widening the new horizons for cooperation.

All the participants of the panel noted that the exchange of information and knowledge for the solution of the issues for long-term preservation of cultural values are conducive to the intercultural communication and the heightening of professional qualification of the specialists and thus accordingly for the development of the communities.   

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