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Under the year of the celebration of the 25-th anniversary of the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan (PAK) director of National library of the RK B.K.Ospanova, director of the Republican library for the blind and poor seeing citizens A.K.Baiuzakov and director of the library network of Almaty city R.K.Kabiyeva received the badge “Meiyrim” for the contributions to social agreement and all-national unity from the Assembly.


For the first time the high award the heads of the Kazakhstani librarians receive by the suggestion of the head of the National academic library, professor, doctor of science (pedagogics) Umitkhan Daurenbekyzy.

A.D. Munalbayeva at the meeting with the deputy head of the People’s assembly of Kazakhstan Zhanseyit Kanseyituly Tyuimebayev noted that the libraries of Kazakhstan help promote, preserve and develop further the national culture, language and traditions of the people of Kazakhstan.

In 2012 there was founded the depositary of the People’s assembly of Kazakhstan of Almaty city from National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The fond of the Depositary open up the history, the deportation, today’s life, the spiritual culture and rites of separate peoples.


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