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There in the reading hall of periodical editions of National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan is organized the exhibition «100 years to the magazine «Mysl», dedicated to the jubilee of the oldest republican public-poetical journal.

The republican public-poetical journal “Mysl” began its publication in September, 1920. The magazine existed under several names: The news of the bureau of the Kirkrai”, “The red Kazakhstan”, “The Bolshevist of Kazakhstan”, “The Communist of Kazakhstan”, “The party life of Kazakhstan”. After the gaining of independence by Kazakhstan from 1992 the magazine started being published under the title of “Mysl”. And not only the name changed, but also the contents. More attention started being paid to the problems of the formation of the new independent state.

This tendency especially strengthened beginning from 2006. Today the magazine in essence became the wide tribune for the open free discussion of all the topical problems of society and the state. The publications are distinctive with the objective, deep analysis of the modern political, economic, social and cultural processes.

The magazine “Mysl” from number to number carried out the important publicly significant work in the formation of the national self-consciousness of the spiritual unity of the people of Kazakhstan, propagating the best specimens of literature, music, folk creative activity of the multinational country.

During this time the magazine was headed by: F.A.Savinskiy, M.F.Zhulanov, B.A.Buchkin, A.Khafizov, V.S.Molotov, F.P.Boyarskiy, A.M.Loginov, F.P.Mikhailov, A.I.Artemyev, G.M.Shestakov, A.S.Kalmyrzayev, S.Kuttykadam. There were issues more than one thousand numbers, published several tens of thousands of materials – articles, reviews, essays, state decrees and decisions.

The first organizers and the first authors were the prominent figures of Kazakhstan, the publicists: A.Aitiyev, A.Anokhin, A.Asylbekov, M.Ataniyazov, A.Bochagov and others.

There is the editorial council of the magazine which includes the well-known public and state figures, from among them: the cultural expert Murat Auezov, poet Olzhas Suleimenov, the scientist-Orientalist Safar Abdulloh, the doctor of science (history), professor Sagymbai Kozymbayev and others.

The magazine “Mysl” is the documentary chronicles of our country. At the present time the edition remains the tribune for the discussion of the most topical issues of Kazakhstan and world community.

At the present time the magazine “Mysl” is published every month in the Russian language and is circulated around all the regions of Kazakhstan. The founder and published is the “Kazak gazettery” company Ltd. The collective of authors of the magazine are the large politicians, prominent public figures, businessmen, scientists, writers. The materials of the magazine reflect the multi-facet range of the public opinion, elucidating the positive international experience. There on the pages of the magazine are published also the speeches of foreign authors.

The magazine pays great attention to the issues of the Kazakh language, culture, history, folk rites and traditions. The reader audience of the magazine are the state servants, representatives of the scientific-creative intelligentsia, teachers of the colleges and universities, enterpreneurs – the people with the active life position.

There at the exhibition are presented the materials from the fdond of National library of the RK, publications of the magazine “Mysl” for all the years, articles of well-known writers and journalists, public and political figures published upon the pages of the periodical press.

We invite everybody to the exhibition!

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