Kurban-ait merekesy kutty bolsyn!

Dear Kazakhstanis! On behalf of the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan and also on my own behalf I congratulate the Kazakhstanis from the bottom of my heart with the holy Holiday of Kurban ait!

This holy day of great importance calls all the Moslem people towards peace and agreement, friendship and unity, mutual understanding and innovations, spiritual cleanliness, humanity and deep belief, to do good and show kindliness.

The whole Moslem community awaits this day with readiness, cleaning their inner souls. Helping those in need, they do the good and sincere deeds. On Kurban-ait holiday

the people wish each other good, raising their spirits and if there were grievances they forget them and forgive them to each other. Thus, showing mutual understanding between the people, fostering their friendship and increasing the importance of the holiday. 

Let all the intentions during this holy holiday days come true! We wish to every home plenty of good and good health, let all their dreams come true. Let the happiness of our people come true, the unity be present! Let the Kurban ait be sacred!


Sincerely yours,

director of National library of the RK B.K.Ospanova

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