Today, on the 1-st of September the usual address made by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K.K.Tokayev at the session of the joint chambers of the Parliament also was in concordance with the future hopes of our National library. The dangerous pandemia not seen in the last one hundred years was felt together with the whole of the Kazakhstani people. At this complicated moment like it was shown in the Address, the unity of the people and the state power were conducive to the preservation of the strength and authority of the power in Kazakhstan.

That’s why we also felt with great enjoyment the Address of the Head of state for

the Kazakhstanis, especially the contribution of the doctors and the police people. But unfortunately we also heard that for the full victory over the pandemia we still need a lot of time ahead of us. We understand that there is to be preserved the safety measures for the people.

The reason for this is that in our country the people and their health are the first priority.

For the past several months we understood totally that the perfection of the management system, the knowledge of the cadres, the growth of the economy, the development of the raw materials sector, the production and sale of the goods are important. Especially the non-sale of the land to foreigners, the assistance to the agriculture through the subsidies, the indexing of the social payments, the formation of the agency for Strategical planning are useful for the country.

And it’s clear that the implementation of the reforms by the formation of the Supreme state council will help the building of the golden bridge of Kazakhstan between Asia and Europe.

The reason for it is that the duties indicated in the Presidential address will strengthen the power of the state. That’s why I am sure that the collective of the library will do its best for

the implementation of the goals.

Bakytzhamal Ospanova,

Director of National library of the RK,

Chairperson of the Kazakhstani Library Union.

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