There in the reading hall of the Art department is organized the book exhibition named “Kazak sculptor onerinyn maktanyshy” dedicated to the 80-th birthday of the sculptor and the people’s painter of Kazakhstan, the honored figure of arts of the Kazakh SSR Mergenov Erkin Tilekovich (1940-2015).


Erkin Mergenov was born on March 6, 1940 in Almaty city. In 1957-1962 he studied in the Almaty artistic school after N.V.Gogol at the “Sculpture” department. In 1973 he finished the Moscow state artistic institute after Surikov in the shop of professor L.E.Kerbel. 1987-1992 and from 1998 – Chairman of the board of the Painters’ union of Kazakhstan. From 1980 heads the chair of depictive art of the Almatinskiy theatre-artistic institute (today the Kazakh national academy of arts after T.K.Zhurgenov), from 1986 – assistant-professor, after that professor. E.Mergenov works mainly in the genre of the portrait. Among the works: “The auto-portrait” (1971), “Makhambet” (1973, bronze), “The portrait of Olzhas Suleimenov” (1982, bronze),

“The people’s artiste of the Kazakh SSR E.Umurzakov” (1982, gypsum), “The echo” (1983), “The XX-th century” (1988) and other series of portraits.

In 2000 he was awarded the Independent highest prize “The platinum Tarlan” in the nomination “Depictive art”.

There at the book exhibition are the materials about the life and creative activity of the sculptor, the people’s painter of Kazakhstan Erkin Mergenov from the fond of the book and periodical editions of National library of the RK.

We invite everybody to the book exhibition!


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