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On February 18, 2020 at 11:00 hours there at the National library of the RK took place the creative meeting with the member of the Journalists’ Union of Kazakhstan and the Northern-Kazakhstani regional literary association after M.Averin, the writer Mikhail Sergeyevich Gvozdev.


M.S.Gvozdev began to be occupied by the creative activity when he was 14 years old. Later he tried himself in lesser prose, there appeared the humoristic, mystical and fantasy tales, also fairy-tales and the short parables that reflect our times.

There at the meeting with the readers M.S.Gvozdev told about his creative activity, about the work of the Literary association after M.Averin of the Northern-Kazakhstani region and he presented his books: the collection of verses “The white swan”, “I believe”, the fantasy-novel “Measurement N” and the collection of fantastics “The fantasms”.

There at the activity the author read his verses about Kazakhstan, his native city of Petropavlovsk, about love, nature, he briefly narrated about the contents of the books. The prosaic books M.S.Gvozdev writes in the fantasy style, which is most close to the youth environment. The poetry of the author is deeply penetrated with kindness, love, the light and romantic feelings. The listeners of this meeting were pleasantly surprised with the virility of the poetical lines and the professionalism of the young writer and poet.

M.S.Gvozdev is the participant of different creative competitions. He took the first place at the regional competition “The golden pen” in 2014. There in the creative meeting participated the fans of the modern Russian-lingual literature of Kazakhstan, representatives from the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of Almaty city, the Kazakhstani poets, young specialists and the readers of the library.

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