There in the reading hall of “Kazakstan kitaptary” under the Depositary of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of Almaty city is organized the book exhibition “Birlik – bolashaktyn kepili”, dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of the formation of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan.

The Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan is a consultative organ under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which was formed in accordance with the Decree of the President of the RK dated March 1, 1995. The activity of the Assembly is directed upon the assistance for the preservation of inter-national and inter-confessional agreement, stability, elaboration of proposals for the carrying out of the state policy conducive for the development of friendly relations between the representatives of different nationalities, residing on the territory of Kazakhstan. Agreement, stability, friendship of the people, respect between different ethnical groups, religious confessions are the basis of the state, the foundation of the whole development.

On March 1, 2016 there in Kazakhstan was established the new holiday – Thanksgiving day, which implies by itself the expression of acknowledgment to the Kazakh people, who received on their land in different periods of history the representatives of different nationalities.

In 2012 there at the National library of the RK with the assistance of the APK of Almaty city was organized the Depositary of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of Almaty city. The purpose of the Depositary is the formation and the popularization of the fond of scientific works, researches of Kazakhstani authors in the sphere of inter-ethnical and inter-confessional relations. The fond reflects the history and modern life of different ethnoses residing on the territory of Kazakhstan, the materials disclosing the processes of deportation of the repressed peoples, development of their spiritual culture, traditions and art.

There within the framework of the Depositary are carried out different activities: there are organized the thematic book exhibitions dedicated to the state important holidays of the RK, the memorable and jubilee dates of the well-known Kazakhstani writers, presentations of new books, literary evenings and also there are organized the exit book exhibitions in the House of friendship, in Abai square, in the concert halls etc.

In honour of the celebration of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan there by the ethno-cultural associations are carried out the cycles of holiday activities and charitable actions.

There at the book exhibition “Birlik – bolashaktyn kepili” out of the fond of National library of the RK are presented the materials about the creation of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, the history and deportation, about the traditions and rites, culture and art of the peoples residing on the territory of Kazakhstan.

We invite everybody to the book exhibition!

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