On January 21, 2020 there in the hall after N.Dauletova of National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place the presentation of the book “Kasiret pen Tagdyr” of the honored figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, writer Saule Doszhan.


Opening the activity, scientific secretary of National library of the RK, member of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan Bolat Zhunisbekov gave the word to the moderator – the head of the Almatinskiy bureau of the newspaper “Egemen Kazakhstan” the writer, journalist Zhusupbek Korgasbek.

In the course of the presentation doctor of science (philology) Aigul Ismakova, the doctor of science (philology) Token Konysbaikyzy, the writer, scientist, doctor of science (philology) Nurdaulet Akysh, the winner of “Alash” prize, the poet Galym Zhailybai, the journalist, translator, figure of culture of the RK Lyubov Shashkova, head of the chair of philology of the KazNPU after Abai Alua Tanzharyk, head of the chair of philology of the KazNU after Al-Farabi Alua Temirbolat shared their opinions about the novel “Kasiret pen Tagdyr” and expressed their warm wishes.

At the end of the activity the author presented as gifts to the readers the books signed by her personally. There in the activity participated the scientists, writers, poets, representatives of intelligentsia and mass-media.

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