image 26 11 19 05 11 5Today there at the Almaty university of energetics and communication took place the panel by the theme “Elin syuigen, eli syuigen - Elbasy”, dedicated to December 1 – the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

There in the activity participated the scientific secretary of National library of the RK Zhunisbekov Bolat Zhunusbekovich, deputy director for informational technologies and innovations Iskaliyeva Nuria Amangaliyevna, the head of the service “exhibitions and cultural programmes” Abdikerimova Zhanar Alpysbayevna. There at the panel on behalf of the National library spoke Zhunisbekov B.Zh. and Iskaliyeva N.A.

There within the framework of the activity was organized the exit book exhibition frtom the Fond of National library of the RK named “Elin syuigen, eli syuigen - Elbasy”, where Abdikerimova Zhanar Alpysbayevna acquainted the present audience with the book exhibition.

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