The year of creation – 2017

The KLU is the socially oriented non-commercial organization.

The period of activity of the KLU is limitless.



The subject of activity of the KLU is the unification of efforts, coordination and support of actions of its members in the interests of development of Kazakhstani librarianship, protection of common interests of the members of the KLU; assistance for the integration of libraries of Kazakhstan into the world community.

The purposes of activity of the KLU:

the creation of conditions, providing the conformity of library resources to the requirements of society in documentary information, the operative, full and free reception of it by the users;

the widening of possibilities of libraries in the productional and social development on the basis of cooperation, unification of efforts and means, organization of joint activity; the heightening of the libraries’ status, the protection of their juridical, social-economic rights and interests;

the elucidation of topical library problems, the attraction of attention to their solution by the public and state organs; the protection of professional and social rights of the workers of the libraries;

the perfection of professional mastery of the workers of the libraries, the heightening of the level of preparation of the library cadres;

the development of international relations of the libraries of the republic, assistance for their entering into international organizations connected with librarianship and information; the provision of full information of the members of the KLU about the latest achievements in the sphere of librarianship;

The stimulation of creative activity of the members of the KLU.

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