The modern characteristics of society is stipulated in many instances by such parameters like the informational-telecommunication culture and the social activity of separate individuals who form a certain socium.

   The topicality of implementation of the above-mentioned Russian-Kazakhstani mega-project is in that with the help of the modern information technologies to create the model project (for the libraries of the countries-participants of the EvrAzEs) for the formation of the single resource on the historical roots and cultural-spiritual links testifying to the commonality of the peoples of the two states which is expressed in the notion “Eurasianism”.

   Firstly, it is namely this very notionthat embodies the universal value basis not only for the preservation of the national historical memory of all the peoples inhabiting Russia and Kazakhstan but the foundation of further development of the economy, culture, education and science of the two states.

   Secondly, simultaneously with the creation of the common informational space of Russia and Kazakhstan, there is originally formed not only the static archival electronic base, but there are also created the basics of the constantly developing single digital library.

    The purpose of creation of the united electronic library is the provision of general accessibility of information for the citizens of the two countries, regardless in what country they may reside and how far they may be from the source of information via the augmentation of the joint informational and cultural potential of the countries, and the creation of the common Internet resource.

    The tasks of the project

·         The formation of the electronic collections, bibliographical and full-text data-bases, the creation of the catalogue of Internet resources about Russia and Kazakhstan, the placement in the Internet of texts, images, multimedia products etc;

·         The strengthening of the mutual links and mutual cooperation between the biggest informational, educational and cultural centres (the teleconferences of leading scientists, figures of culture and art etc.);

·         The assistance for the creation in both states of society based on knowledge

    The means of the project

·     The creation of the web-site, the resource and material-technical equipment of the united electronic library based upon a single approach to the organization of access to the resources being formed with the purpose of providing compatibility of the programme products which are used by the participants of the project;

·        The appointment of general managers of the project on both sides who will be responsible for the elaboration of the joint plan for the implementation of the project and who will coordinate the interaction among all all the participants of the project who organize the carrying out of working meetings and councils of the sides etc.;

·        The formation of the International working group, consisting of representatives of the sides, and the Expert council, where there may enter experts by separate trends (the financial-economic justification of the elaboration and implementation of the project; the software and accompaniment of the project, the determination of the thematics and contents of the full-text data-bases and the bibliographical data-bases etc. connceted with them);

·        The normative-methodological backing of the project (the registration of the existing and the preparation of the necessary normative and methodological materials and documents reflecting the requirements to the formation, storage and use of the electronic fonds and resources that guarantee copyright etc.);

·         The provision with personnel (the preparation of the cadres: study seminars, courses etc).

The main principles of creation of the project

1.      The principle of openness of the Russian-Kazakhstani electronic library for all the citizens of the states-participants of the EvrAzES, and also for all the citizens of the world;

2.      The principle of unity, i.e. the accenting and actualization of the single historical and cultural roots, the provision of continuity and development of cultures that interact and influence each other;

3.      The principle of systemity, i.e. the provision of interrelation and correspondence of all the organizational, financial, technical and technological blocks of the project to the single tasks.

The structure of the united electronic library

1.      The bibliographical data-bases (the catalogues, the card-catalogues);

2.      The full-text data-bases linked with the bibliographical data-bases;

3.      The catalogue of the Internet-resources of Russia and Kazakhstan (in particular, those in the libraries);

4.      The placement in the Internet of images, video- and audio-files, that disclose the content of the given project;

5.      The archival and regional-study materials;

6.      The chronicles of the Russian-Kazakhstani events and relations;

7.      The forums of the librarians and users of the electronic library;

8.      The chat (communication with the users of the united electronic library in the interactive regime)

9.      The forum of figures of culture and art.