The main normative act which regulates the relations between authors and law is the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Copyright and related rights dated June 10, 1996 (with the amendments and additions as of 27.07.07). According to this Law, the libraries can create electronic copies of works only on the basis of the written agreement with the author. National library of the RK elaborated the author’s agreement in accordance with article 32 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Copyright and related rights. There in the author’s agreement are indicated all the existing conditions of the agreement.

The project for the creation of the electronic library of the modern literary editions is implemented from the year of 2007. Dyuisenbek Nakipov, Ernest Torekhanov, Aslan Zhaksylykov are the first modern authors who concluded the authors’ agreements with National library about giving the library the right for creation of electronic copy of the book and placing it into the electronic catalogue of the Library and at its site in the Internet. At the given moment the Author’s agreements are concluded with D.Kshibekov, U.Tazhikenova, A.Zhaksybayev, A.Sygayev, N.Zhmerenetskaya and others. The conclusion of the Author’s agreements is done on the basis of the cultural activities which are organized by National library for the popularization of book and acquainting readers with reading. The stimulation of reading is one of the priorities in the activity of National library. Reading is the most important element in consuming the cultural and national values, the factor of upbringing up of the civil position and patriotism of members of society. This Project assists the more open access to the fond of modern literature of Kazakhstan in the online regime and the more fundamental contact of the Author and the Reader.

There within the framework of development of the project National library invites authors, publishers and the right-holders of the works for cooperation.

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