The project “A golden collection of Eurasia” is the  project on creation of digital collection of the most prominent and valuable publications, reflecting specificity of culture of peoples  of the countries of CIS. The project “A golden collection of Eurasia” is part of conception of concerted social policy of the states -participants of  Eurasian economic association, worked out with the purpose of coordination of realizable projects and programs in social-humanitarian sphere. The creation of “A golden collection of Eurasia” is another step to approaching of national cultures of countries CIS and to social integration of the peoples of countries–participants of the projects.

   The purpose of the project is creation of digital collection of the most prominent and valuablepublications, reflecting  culture of the peoples of countries of CIS, opening historical backgrounds, spiritual liaisons, interaction among peoples of the Commonwealth Independent States.

   The problem of the project: working out information base for preservation national historical memory of the peoples of countries of CIS, participation in forming of united information space on the territory of countries-participants of the project, spreading of  knowledge about unique publications of printing art, assistance to cultural, spiritual development and creative activity of society, consolidation and intensification of interaction and collaboration among libraries and institutes-participants of the project, attracting  attention to electronic collections of libraries of CIS.

  Basic principle – open access to information for all citizens of CIS, and also for all citizens of the world, equal selection and representation of national cultures of peoples of countries – participants of the project, principle of multilinguistics of the content.

  Coordinators of the project: Russian State Library —base  organization of states –participants of CIS on cooperation in the field of  library science. Directorate and members of  LAE (the Library Assembly of Eurasia).

   There within the framework of the project of the Library Association of Eurasia named “The golden collection of Eurasia” out of the fond of the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan were presented the full-text materials: in the section “Culture” there were presented “The ABC in the Latin language” published in 1934, the book of verses “Nurbatyr” published in 1897 and the one-act play “The people’s school” published in 1926; in the section “History” there is presented the document named “The land issue of the settlers in the Turkestan region” published in 1923.

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