The National library of the RK participates in the programme “Manuscriptorium – the digital European library of manuscripts and other rare editions” within the framework of the Agreement on cooperation between the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the National library of the Czech Republic (2006).

   There at the portal in January, 2010 were exhibited the full texts of the rarities from the fond of rare books and manuscripts of the National library of the RK: Er Targyn.- Kazan, 1862 (in Kazakh language), Kyz Zhibek.- Kazan, 1899 (in Kazakh language), the newspaper “Kazak”, 1913, ## 1-10 (in Kazakh language) and Nizami Gandjavi. The seven portraits.- 1052 hijra (in Persian language), the Tractate about the mystical way.- Undated (in Persian language). There are presented detailed bibliographical descriptions and cultural-historical annotations in the English language. In the brief characteristics of the historical and artistic significance the monuments of written literature are presented from the viewpoint of the peculiarity of the spiritual development of the Kazakh people, the peculiarity of formation of the national culture, also there is presented the heritage of the neighbouring states which demonstrates the mutual influence and mutual enruchment of the Oriental peoples.

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