The National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a member of the Library Assembly of Eurasia and participates in the mega-project “The cupolas of the Commowealth: the libraries”. 

   The conception of the Interstate project “The cupolas of the Commowealth: the libraries” initiated byt eh Russian state library, was considered and approved by the Decision of the XXII sitting of the Council for cultural cooperation  of the states-participants of the CIS on September 20, 2007 in Minsk at the second sitting of the working group on cultural policy. The purpose of the project is the assistance to inter-national enrichment of cultures and integration processes in the sphere of creation of a single information space in the sphere of science, education and culture. The implementation of the project “The cupolas of the Commowealth: the libraries” is based on the principles of integration and universal access to information for all categories of users in the conditions of linguistic and cultural diversity of the countries of the CIS.

   There at the National library of the RK from 2005 in the reading-hall of the Dissertations service  is organized access to the Electronic library of dissertations of the Russian state library. The readers of the library remotely may use the full texts of the current and retrospective candiadte, doctoral dissertations and abstracts of theses of the electronic data-base of the Russian state library which is a real contribution into the development of culture, science and education.

   In 2006 there in the reading hall of the Service of world literature at the National library of the RK was opened the Center of Russian culture with the assistance of the Federal agency on culture and cinematography of the RF and the Foundation of the first president of Russia B.N.Yeltsin. The activity of the Center is directed upon the provision of information about Russia, the peoples inhabiting it, legislation, the state administrative structure, history, culture etc. In the course of 2006-2012 there with the assistance of the General consulate of of the Russian Federation in Almaty city the fonf was replensihed many times with new lietarture. In 2012 there took place the month of Slavic culture.

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