The review was made by the head of the Service of rare books and manuscripts of National library of the RK Bekpulatova Aikhan Kudaibergenkyzy.

Avelbekova ru

The bibliographical description in the “Cataloguer” module of the monograph by the head of the Service “Informational resources” Avelbekova Kulyash Dyuisenbekkyzy of the National library of the RK.

The edition is in the Russian language


We offer to you the online lesson entitled “THE CATALOGUIN OF DOCUMENTS” by chief specialist of the Service “Rare books and manuscripts” Bekturbekova Fatima Kuralbekkyzy.

aldymen adam

We offer for your attention the thoughts and opinions of the scientific secretary of National library of the RK, the poet Bolat Zhunisbekuly about the poet Abai Kunanbaiuly entitled ALDYMEN “ADAM BAKYTY” ZHYRLAGANY.




aihan apai

Become acquainted with the books of the Kazakh writers that raised different issues from the point of view of National pride and fate.

The review was made by the head of the service “Rare books and manuscripts” Bekpulatova Aikhan Kudaibergenkyzy.

abai saulesi

The scientific secretary of the National library of the RK, member of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan  Zhunisbekov Bolat Zhunisbekuly shared his thoughts under the title “THE RAY OF ABAI”.





There at the page of the National library of the RK insta: @ulttyq_kitapkhana in live air the worker of the Arts’ department Gulmira Sailaubekkyzy carried out the programme “The musical heritage of Kazakhstan” in which she acquainted the listeners with the musical fond of National library.