On  May 27-28, 2019 the deputy director for information resources N. A. Iskaliyeva and the leader of the National Literature Processing Group of Information resources service F.K. Bekturbekova conducted  2-day educational and methodical classes at the seminar-training  in Aktobe regional universal scientific library named after S. Baishev  on the topic “Digital age: library automated services and new possibilities in libraries” in the framework of the program "Ruhani zhangyru".

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Specialists of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan acquainted the course participants with the modules of the domestic Web-RABIS application program, the scientific processing of documents and its features (monograph, multi-volume, musical, gramophone, electronic resources, cartographic / video recording, etc.),

selection and bibliography of information from domestic foreign periodicals and collections, compilation of bibliographic manuals, by using  international system Universal Decimal Classification (UDC), familiarized with the process of establishing national authoritative / normative files, the work of the Kazakhstani Corporate Cataloging Center (KCCC) gave guidelines for the recruitment and integration of the library fond. In the module "Cataloger" were presented UDC classifiers in Kazakh and Russian languages, used in the National library of Kazakhstan. During the lecture, librarians of the Aktobe region were invited for advanced training at the School of the cataloger at the National Library.

Library specialists who took part in the training seminar were awarded certificates of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan on completion of training on the basics of cataloging, indexing and the Web-RABIS program.

With a rewarding of the Director of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan B.K. Ospanova in honor of the celebration of the Day of Culture and Art Workers were awarded library workers of the Aktobe region with the medals “Kitaphana үzdіgі”, “Kitaphana ardageri”, as well as letters and letters of thanks.

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