Head of service:

Sarybaev Berkin Appazovich

Contact phone: +7-727-272-16-02

Main direction:

- Ensuring trouble-free and reliable operation of all types of equipment and engineering networks, its proper operation, its quality repair and maintenance;

Main function:

- Inspection of conditions of safe operation of buildings, equipment, engineering and technical communications;

- Development of proposals for modernization and updating of engineering and technical communications, equipment and technical systems;

- Implementation of instruction on health and safety of library staff;

- Organization and implementation of preventive maintenance and repair of equipment;

- Control of execution of official duties by the staff of electrotechnical sanitary and lifting and transport groups;

- Monitoring the implementation of measures to save electricity consumption, heat consumption, hot and cold water;

- Control of professional development of employees of service by acquaintance with technical literature, studying of rules of the device and safe service of electroinstallations, rules of the device and safe operation of elevators;

- Organization and control of works on repair of all valves, sanitary units, lifting and transport equipment;

- Control in the preparation of applications for equipment, materials, spare parts, tools;

- Control of safety and proper use of engineering systems, equipment, materials, spare parts;

- Control of work on the annual preparation of the heating system of the library for the heating season, the performance of air conditioning and ventilation systems, control of measuring equipment and automation;

- Organization of economic works, including the welfare of the territory of the library;

- Organization of events together with the head of the Security and fire group aimed at extinguishing fires and fires in the voluntary fire formation.

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