Head of service:

Abilova Maira Kundildaevna

Contact phone: +7-727-267-28-63

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Main direction:

- creation of fundamental bibliography on social and humanitarian Sciences, culture, art of Kazakhstan;
- formation of bibliography of current scientific information: creation of abstract journals in social Sciences, culture, art, literature and linguistics of Kazakhstan;
- establishment of a national database of authoritative/normative records.

Main function:

- preparation for publication of retrospective scientific and auxiliary bibliographic manuals (on history, literature, culture and art and other types of bibliography);
- preparation for the publication of reference books: the annual Calendar of significant and memorable dates of the Republic of Kazakhstan; biobibliographies of Kazakhstan and others.;
- implementation of user requests complex written bibliographical references on Kazakhstan;
- preparation for publishing current scientific information bibliographic AIDS: refereed journals;
- retrospective conversion of bibliographic records and publications in electronic format;
- organization, maintenance and editing of authoritative/normative files for the formation of national authoritative records: "name of the person", "generic name", "unified titles", "geographical name", "subject headings".


- group of retrospective and recommendation bibliography;
group of formation of the authority file.