Head of service:

Izambekova Kanshaim Musaevna

Contact phone: +7-727-267-28-75, 267-28-50

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Main direction:

Systematically replenish the collection of domestic publications, materials about Kazakhstan, foreign literature, literature of the CIS countries in accordance with the thematic and typological model of the library Fund of the National library of Kazakhstan.  

To provide a universal profile of acquisition, diversity by types, types, languages of publications on various media;
Effectively implement the national budget program for the acquisition of literature and the purchase of periodicals.

Main function:

  • Development and use of thematic-typological model of the library Fund of the National library of Kazakhstan;
  • Current and retrospective acquisition of the library Fund together with other structural units of the National library of Kazakhstan;
  • Preparation of statistics of movement of the library Fund;
  • Organization of work on the main sources of income: compulsory free copy, purchase, gift, book exchange (CIS and foreign countries) and government programs and projects;
  • Reception, accounting, registration, technical processing of documents in the Web-RABIS program of the module "Acquisition", and also sends it to the relevant departments of the National library of Kazakhstan.


- sector of acquisition of domestic literature; 
- sector of acquisition of literature of the CIS countries;
- sector of acquisition of literature in foreign languages and international book exchange;
- sector of acquisition of periodicals.


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