On May 23, 2019, the Chinese Culture and Literature Hall organized a book exhibition on "Chinese Embroidery as a Spiritual Culture Subject".

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The art of embroidery in China has a history of many thousands of years. Traditionally, embroidery is the decoration of products ornamented with a pattern or subject image, made by hand with threads and other materials with a needle. Colorful Chinese embroideries are distinguished by the luxury of silk embroidery and a variety of patterns. Patterns and images are by no means random.

They embody the most ancient domestic symbolism, elements of natural and philosophical cosmogony and epochal events of history. In other words, Chinese embroidery absolutely rightly can be attributed to the spiritual culture of China.

Chinese embroidery is a brilliant gem in the art of China. It is a folk craft with a long tradition. In ancient China, owning things with Chinese embroidery symbolized high social status. However, the national economy evolved, and soon embroidered products entered the lives of ordinary people. China is the first country in the world, which began using silk. Production of silk thread and fabric led to the development of Chinese embroidery.

Embroidery is one of the oldest applied arts of the Celestial Empire, which originated more than 3000 years ago. The first known to historians instructions for embroidery and clothing decoration are found in the classic annals of "Shanshu", created in the period of Western Zhou (1027-771 BC). Since ancient times in China embroidered silk, wool and cotton threads on a variety of materials - silk, satin, rough burlap, etc. Silk embroidery on silk - the most expensive and exquisite, requiring painstaking work and virtuoso skill performer. Paintings, woven silk, are a true work of art. In different parts of China there were famous embroiderers. Girls and boys were trained for the future profession since childhood, and the technique of embroidery passed on from generation to generation. As a result, in the whole Middle Kingdom formed the four major schools of embroidery, each of which has its own style: Xianshu (Hunan Province), Yueshu (Guangdong Province), Shusyu (Sichuan Province) and Susyu (Jiangsu Province).

At a book exhibition from the collection of the National Library of Kazakhstan are books, art albums on the art of traditional embroidery of China in Russian, English and Chinese.

Welcome to the book exhibition!