There in the hall of world literature is organized the book exhibition “The great pedagogue – Anton Semenovich Makarenko”, dedicated to the 135-th birthday of the Soviet pedagogue, the Russian writer A.S. Makarenko.

Makarenko A.S. was born on March 13, 1888 in Belopolye city of the Sumskiy uyezd of the Kharkovskaya guberniya. In 1897 he entered the beginner Railroad special school. In 1904 he finished the four –class special school in Kremenchug city and the one-year pedagogical courses (in 1905) and started working in Kryukovo as the teacher of the Railroad special school. In 1914 he was entered into the Poltavskiy teachers’ institute, which he finished with honours.

At the same time together with the studies at the institute A.S. Makarenko started testing his powers at the literary field, writing the story “The silly day”. In 1914 or in 1915 he wrote the first story, sent it to Maxim Gorky but he acknowledged the story as weak from the literary point of view. After that Makarenko for thirteen years didn’t work with the literary activity, but he kept the note-books. After the books about the Commune after F.E. Dzerzhinskiy “The march of the year 30” (1932) and “FD-1” (1932) there was finished the main artistic work of Makarenko – “The pedagogical poem” (1925-1935).

Makarenko Anton Semenovich is the greatest pedagogue-practic, the wonderful writer and the exquisite expert of the adolescent psychology, the public figure. The literary creative activity is varied from the critical and scientific articles to the large artistic forms.

A.S. Makarenko received the world-wide acknowledgment for his “system of re-education” of difficult children. There in 1936 there saw the light his first large scientific-pedagogical work “The methodology of organization of the upbringing process”. In 1937 there saw the light the first part of “The book for parents”. There in the works of Makarenko “The flags upon the towers”, the short novel “The honour”, in the novel “The ways of the generation” are expressed his pedagogical experience and the pedagogical views. In 11939 A.SMakarenko died, he is buried on the Novodevichye cemetery in Moscow. In 1988 there within the framework of the UNESCO A.S. Makarenko is acknowledged as one of the four nest world pedagogues who determined the way of the pedagogical thinking in the XX-th century.

In Russia from 2003 there by the editorial office of the magazine “The people’s education” and the International Makarenko association is established the medal of A.S. Makarenko in the nominations “For pedagogical varlour” and “For contribution into development of real pedagogics”. The first awarded person was the oldest Russian pupil of A.S..Makarenko who lived at that time Ivan Demyanovich Tokarev.

There upon the book exhibition from the fond of National library of the RK are presented the works of A.S. Makarenko in the French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Bengalese and Hungarian languages.

                        We invite everybody who wishes it to come to the book exhibition!