There in the Hall of world literature is organized the book exhibition “The master of detective fiction acknowledged by the world” dedicated to the 120-th birthday of the Belgian writer, one of the greatest author of the world of the literary detective genre George Simenon.

George Simenon was born on February 13, 1903 in Liege city in the family of the modest serviceman of the insurance company.

Still being the pupil of the Jesuit college, Simenon started working in the editorial office of the newspaper “Gazette de Liege”. The young man served his military service and after the death of his father he went to Paris, where he worked in the newspapers and magazines, in the departments of judicial chronicles and read the entertainment novels popular in the 1920-ss. Once he decided that he can write a novel, and in 1924 he wrote his first large work “The romance of the type-writer”. After that in the succeeding ten years Simenon published 300 novels and tales under different pseudonyms, including “George Sim”.

In 1929 there were published the works: “Nox the imperceptable”, “Mademaselle Iks”, “Mr.Galle died”, “The price of the head” and the novel with the participation of commissar Megre, which brought Simenon the world fame.

In the years of the Second world war he helps the Belgian refugees. From 1941 to 1943 Simenon lives in the province at the west of France, where he continues writing his novels about the famous commissar Megre. About the sufferings of the people during the years of the war and the occupation the author writes in his novels “The clan of the Ostends” (1946), “The dirt on the snow” (1948), and “The train” (1951). In 1952 Simenon was chosen a member of the Regal academy of Belgium. In 1955 Simenon was chosen chairman of the Association of detective writers of the USA. He was twice awarded by the prize after Edgar Allan Poe in the nominations “Grand master” (1966), “The best foreign film” (1959). At the end of 1952 on the eve of his 70-th birthday Simenon made the decision not to write the novels any more.

In the last years of his life Simenon writes a number of autobiographical works, such as: G. Simenon is the French-lingual writer, the acknowledged master of detective fiction in literature. The writer died in Lozanna on September 4, 1989 on the 87-th year of his life. 

He wrote 425 books, among which there are approximately 200 dime novels, 16 of which under the pseudonyms, 220 novels under the real name and the three-volume autobiography. Most known in the whole world is the series of the detectives about the police commissar Megre. There by the books of G. Simenon were shot many films and tele-films. There are at least 171 screened products.

The purpose of the exhibition is to provide information to the readers about the life of the writer, his creative activity and the popularization of the works of the world-known writer of detective genre.

There at the book exhibition from the fond of National library of the RK are presented the books of G. Simenon in the Kazakh, Russian, French, English, Vietnamese, Czech, Spanish and Polish languages.

                        We invite everybody to the book exhibition!  

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