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On December 2, 2022, Director of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan B.K. Ospanova took part in the international scientific and practical conference "Restoration and reconstruction of objects of historical and cultural heritage", dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, famous restorer, founder and head of the Scientific and Restoration Laboratory "Island of Crimea" of Crimea Altynbekov.

On behalf of the team and on her own behalf, B.K. Ospanova congratulated K.K. Altynbekov on his anniversary, wished the hero of the day good health, success in work and inexhaustible creative energy!

The National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the NRL "Island of Crimea" are united by strong and long-term ties in the professional community. The preservation of cultural written heritage is the subject of the contract and long-term joint projects.

K. Altynbekov is rightfully considered the scientist-restorer of archaeological artifacts of Central Asia. He has developed and patented several methods of conservation, reconstruction and restoration of the attributes of the ancient nomads of the Scythian-Sak heritage, he has published monographs and dozens of articles on restoration issues.