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From November 8 to November 18, Shegerova L.S., librarian of the scientific and information library service of the Kazakh National Conservatory named after. Kurmangazy.

In the laboratory of scientific conservation of documents Shegerova L.S. received both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in biological and physico-chemical stabilization of documents. At the Restoration, Conservation and Binding Service, she got acquainted with the instrumental base of the service, performed conservation and restoration work to restore 14 books, and also learned how to work in graphic programs for restoring covers and sheets.

Shegerova L.S. expressed her gratitude to the specialists of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the opportunity to improve their skills and acquired knowledge in the field of documentary heritage preservation. At the end of  the two-week study at the School for the Conservation and Restoration of Written Documents, Shegerova L.S. received the certificate of completion of the course "Conservation of Documents".

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