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On November 4  the head of the Arts’ department of National library of the RK Barmanasheva Zh.A. participated in the Regional for-site session ”The library time-management: the library – the provider of the informational world”, organized by the Zhambylskaya rergional universal scientific library after Sh. Ualikhanov for the prognostication of the quality results and effective technologies in the library activity which took place at the Baizakskaya central district library.

The purpose of the session: the popularization among the librarians of the experience of the work for the inculcation of new methods and technologies taking into account the dynamic changes in the library world and society on the whole.

There within the framework of the work of the for-site session Zh.A. Barmanasheva made the report by the theme: “The modern tendencies in the creation of the unique informational space of the libraries”. She stopped in detail upon the experience of National library in the formation of the electronic libraries and the data-bases, and also upon the modern achievements of the library activity.

There in the activity participated director of National academic library of the RK Nurgaliyeva G.K., the heads of the regional, city, district libraries, the heads of the methodological and servicing departments, the specialists of the libraries of the Zhambylskaya region.   

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