The book exhibition dedicated to the Day of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan was organized in the reading room "Kazakhstan Kitaptari".


February 15 is a memorable day for every soldier and officer who went through the Afghan war. The withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan began on May 15, 1988, in accordance with the Geneva agreements, signed on April 14, 1988 on a political settlement of the situation around the DRA (Democratic Republic of Afghanistan).

The last Soviet troops left the state of Afghanistan on February 15, 1989. About 620 thousand Soviet servicemen, including 22,269 Kazakhs, participated in the ten-year war in Afghanistan.

Today February 15 - the day of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan - is both a holiday of Afghan veterans, and the day of memory and mourning for all the fallen soldiers-internationalists. Among the Afghans who performed their international duty in Afghanistan were pilots, tankers, motorized riflemen, paratroopers, sappers, signalers, and other representatives of the troops. Kazakhstani soldiers fought fearlessly and decisively, showed courage and bravery and acted as true professionals.

Many cities in Kazakhstan have established memorials to those who died in the Afghan War. Every year on this day they hold meetings with veterans of Afghan war, lay flowers at the monuments, hold concerts, at which they recite poems and sing songs of the war years. The purpose of such events is to pay tribute and remember soldiers-internationalists, members of the fighting in Afghanistan.

The book exhibition from the collection of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan presents materials devoted to the military events of that time, books about the heroes of the soldiers-internationalists and recollections of veterans in the periodical press.

We invite you to the book exhibition!