On April 16, 2019 in the hall named after N. Dauletov a presentation of three books of a member of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan, winner of the International Literary Award "Alash", poet, journalist, scientist Temirgali Kopbaev: "Dreams of Dreams", "Dreams of Drowning" and "The Years are Moving" was held.

Moderator: Zhanarbek Ashimzhan, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Ana Tili".

The event was opened with a speech by the poet, State Prize winner Nurlan Orazalin.

The presentation was organized by public figures Muslim Dairbekov, Amalbek Tshan, Zhangara Dadebaev and donated books to the fund of the National Library.

Speakers at the event were: Ulykbek Esdaulet, Galym Zhailybai, Mamytbek Kaldybaev, Ashirbek Kopishev, Zaida Yelgondinova, Amankhan Alim, Aisulu Kadyrbaeva, Adilgazy Kayyrbekov, Amanbek Akayuly, Ermakhan Shaikhy, Yesenali Yeraliev, Baygali Yesenaliev and other public figures with good wishes of "Danalyk tapsiri" ("Tafsir of wisdom"). Quarterly collection.

Wisdom is one of the universal values, in the book "Danalyk tapsiri" the author tells about the sayings of ancient thinkers, develops and conveys the truth in the interpretative manner "Akkmumda oyangan arman" ("Dream waking up in Akkum"). A collection of lyrical poems.

The collection includes philosophical and lyrical poems written by the poet in recent years. Poetry full of complex thoughts and illustrations instantly attracts the attention of readers. "Zhyldar zhylyzhyp barady" ("Years Go By"). Memories, articles, interviews.

The book by Temirgali Kopbayev consists of his essays, memoirs, articles and interviews of recent years.

In the framework of the event the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan organized a book exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Temirgali Kopbayev.

The event was attended by intellectuals, poets, writers and media representatives.

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