On April 16, 2019, the Chinese Culture and Literature Hall hosted a book exhibit on "Traditional Chinese Medicine".


Traditional Chinese medicine has gained widespread recognition throughout the world because it has its own theory, proven over thousands of years, of the origin of the disease, its development and its own approaches to treatment based on this theory.

The history of traditional Chinese medicine dates back millions of years and its origins can be traced back to primitive society. Primitive people explored most native plants in search of food and discovered that certain plants could cure diseases or relieve pain. Through trial and error, it was in China that the basic form of Chinese herbal medicine developed. One famous manuscript on early-period medicine was discovered in 1973 in the Mawandui Burial Ground (1st half to middle of the 2nd century B.C.).

Traditional Chinese medicine, unlike Western medicine, considers the human body as a whole, where everything is in close relationship and interaction with each other. The holistic approach to the body leads to the understanding that there are no separate diseases. Any treatment according to the Chinese methods has three directions or stages: removal of disease symptoms, searching for the true reason of the disease and elimination of the patient's predisposition to these or those diseases. The main methods of treatment are the use of medicines of natural origin, acupuncture and diet.

The combination of herbal therapy with classical methods of Chinese medicine (pulse diagnosis, acupressure, acupuncture, therapeutic Qigong exercises and diet) makes it possible to achieve results that are impossible with classical Western treatment, because the effect is on the cause of the disease and not on the consequence. Therefore it is possible to achieve complete recovery or rather good results in most cases. The main difference between modern and traditional Chinese medicine is that Chinese traditional medicine deals with treating the whole organism rather than its individual organs. It should be noted that Chinese medicine is a great treasury, the value of which has been proven by centuries of practice.

The book exhibition from the collection of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan presents books on traditional Chinese medicine in Russian, English and Chinese.

We invite you to the book exhibition!