On April 23, 2019, the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted a "KITAP SHOY-2019" celebration of World Book Day.


April 23 is a symbolic date for world literature. Love for the Word and the Book truly knows no bounds. Every year on April 23, in more than 100 countries around the world, World Book and Copyright Day are celebrated. The event is a kind of call to reading and a tribute to books and authors. The holiday is intended to remind everyone that in the age of new technologies, books still occupy a leading position and reading is still a pleasure.

The festive event with a congratulatory speech was opened by the director of the National Library of Kazakhstan Ospanova Bakhytzhamal Kairbekovna.

Guests of honor included Nurlan Sydykov, Head of the Department of Culture of Almaty, Sergey Karpov, Specialist of the UNESCO CI Cluster Office, Zhang Wei, Consul General of the PRC in Almaty, Irina Pereverzeva, Consul of the Russian Federation in Almaty, Sholpan Kyzaybayeva, Head of the Information Center of the Goethe Institute Library in Kazakhstan and other distinguished guests.

As part of the event dedicated to the World Book and Copyright Day "KITAP SHOU-2019" in 7 reading rooms of the library were presented meetings, quizzes, readings, poetry night, literary and theatrical compositions for different audiences.

In the hall of arts under the direction of honored worker of RK Marina Gantseva presented the literary and theatrical composition "Soviet poets to children" of children's theater "Constellation Andres".

Kalamkas Arislanova's book "Life of the Chinese folk composer Xian Xinghai in Kazakhstan" was presented in the Chinese Hall of Culture and Literature.

The Bereke Financial Center provided interactive learning: "The Bremen Musicians," an exhibition of children's literature.

In the cinema hall of E. Tursunov held a creative evening "Otan sagan zhyr orimin usynam", dedicated to the works of the poet, member of the Writers' Union, head of the Center "Adebiet alemi" under the state Fund for development of youth policy of Almaty, director of the Fund "Tulga-dostyk" Muratkhan Shokan.

In the reading room of the library there was a meeting with the children's poet, translator, editor of the Republican magazine "Moldir Bulak", winner of the prize "Serper", member of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan Sayat Kamshyger.

In the hall named after. N. Dauletova held a meeting with Oleg Chervinsky, journalist, publicist, accumulator of national oil history, and a presentation of the book "Black Blood of Kazakhstan".

"KITAP SHOY-2019" within the framework of the event dedicated to the World Book Day in the nomination "BEST PARTNER OF THE LIBRARY":

Consul General of the PRC in Almaty - Mr. Zhang Wei.

Consul Irina Vladimirovna Pereverzeva, Consul of the Russian Federation in Almaty

Director of the Centralized Library System of Almaty - Roza Kasymbekovna Kabieva.

Head of the center "Adebiet alemi" under the state fund for development of youth policy of Almaty - Kabiyeva Roza Kassymbekov. Almaty, director of the fund "Tulga-dostyk" - Muratkhan Shokan.

The educational company "EDU Stream" was awarded.

In the nomination "THE SMALLEST READER":

Awarded to the reader of the S. Begalin-Lovan State Children's Library. S. Begalin-Lavrov Volodya. He read 145 books together with his mother.

Yernar Sarseev was awarded in the nomination "THE MOST READER".

In the nomination "THE MOST READING FAMILY":

The Umbetov family of readers of the city library No. 4 was awarded.

In the nomination "Honored Scientist":

Since 1965 was awarded Dairabai Tynyshbek Mailybaevich - reader of the National Library.


"Golden Pen of Russia", Kazakhstan literary prize "Altyn kalam-2011", winner of the 1st All-Russian competition of writers for children "Yellow Caterpillar" - Elena Klepikova.

In the nomination "BEST AUTHOR OF THE YEAR":

Famous Kazakh film director, screenwriter, writer, director of films "Kelin", "Shal", "Seven May", author of about 20 scripts and about 15 books - Yermek Tursynov - were awarded during the event.

At the end of the event there was a meeting with the film director Yermek Tursynov and the cast of the film "Shal", and the film "Shal" was presented to all present and guests of the event.

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