The book exhibition "Shygystan shyrai izdegen", dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the famous Kazakh poet, writer, scholar-literary critic, orientalist, translator, doctor of philological sciences, Professor Utegen Kumisbaev, was organized in the reading room "Kazakstan kiptatary".

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Kumisbaev Utegen Kumisbaevich was born on May 20, 1939 in the aul "Madeniet", Zhalagash district of Kyzylorda region. In 1958, after graduating from Kazakh secondary school he entered the Faculty of Philology at the Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirov.

In 1963-1969 Kumisbaev worked in the newspapers "Egemen Kazakhstan" and "Kazak adebieti" as a literary worker, the head of the department of poetry, in 1969-1974 he worked as a research intern and a postgraduate student at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

He meets with prominent scientists, famous poets, writes scientific articles and poetry books. Since 1974 he has been working as a junior researcher at the M. Auezov Institute of Literature and Art, a teacher at the Kazakh State University named after S. M. Kirov.

In 1974, U. Kumisbaev defended his PhD thesis on "Turmagambet Izzleuov and his "Rustem-Dastan" at the Institute of Oriental Studies, USSR Academy of Sciences (Moscow), in 1989. - D. thesis on "Arab-Persian and Kazakh literary relations of the late 19th and early 20th centuries" (Almaty).

The writer wrote original poetry, translations from Eastern poetry. He was distinguished by the inner spiritual simplicity of his lyrical voice, the poet's unwavering appeal to the present. He strove to create living characters of his contemporaries, reflected on the spiritual path of his generation, on the meaning of life.

In 1964 he published his first book of poems "Tungysh". Later he published several poetry collections "Alakan" (1964), "Menin kishkentay uiregim" (1966), stories and novels " Zhapyraktar tusip zhatyr" (1969), "Akbota" (1972), "Auildan shykkan zhol" (1975) and others. He is the author of the novel "The Son of Poland", research papers "Deep Roots", "Abai and the East" (1995), "The Problems of Arab-Persian and Kazakh literary ties (XIX-XX centuries)" (1996). (1996), "M. Auezov and the Literary World" (1997), as well as more than 500 scientific articles.

The works of U. Kumisbaev have been translated into the Russian, Kyrgyz, Bashkir, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish, English and Arabic languages. The works of the scientist-orientalist were widely recognized not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad, in particular, in Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Poland and Czechoslovakia. The special place in the scientific research was occupied by the problem of functioning of "Shahnameh" by Ferdowsi and the Kazakh literary links of the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century. Under his leadership he defended five Ph.D. theses in philology and was the Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, the Head of the Department of Iranian Philology.

Kumisbaev translated into Kazakh poems "Eight Gardens of Paradise" by A. Dehlevi (1973), rubai of Omar Khayyam, works of poets of the East ("Nightingales of the Iranian Garden", 2004), R. Gamzatov, K. Kuliev, R. Rozhdestvensky, the book of M. Rylsky "Rose and Grape" (1987).

He is a laureate of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan, member of the Association of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Utegen Kumisbayev died on June 28, 2016, in Almaty.

The book exhibition "Shygystan shyrai izdegen" from the fund of the National Library of Kazakhstan presents materials about the life and work of the writer U. Kumisbaev, his literary works, scientific works and articles in the periodical press.

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