In the reading room of the Department of Arts is organized by the book exhibition "Uzdik dombyrashy" dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the dombra player, People's Artist of Kazakhstan Bakhyt Karabalina (1939-1990).


Bakhyt Toksanbaykyzy Karabalina was born on June 1, 1939 in Kurmangazy district of Atyrau region. Since childhood she played kyuis. In 1965 she graduated from Alma-Ata State Conservatory. Since 1960 she was the soloist-domber in the orchestra of Kazakh national instruments. Her repertoire included the works of national and foreign composers. She promoted the Kazakh art during trips with concerts in Mongolia (1966), Bulgaria (1967), Hungary (1968), France (1972) and Poland (1973). Karabalina played the role of Dina in the TV film about Dina Nurpeisova "Kairan sheshem".

She has toured many countries with the orchestra, demonstrating to the world the beauty of Kazakh dombra music.

She performs the cues of Kazakh folk composers: Kurmangazy, Seitek, Dauletkerey, Mamen, Kazangap, works by Russian and foreign composers.

Cuisines performed by Bakhyt Karabalina are distinguished by their special feeling and depth.

Awarded with the Order of "Badge of Honor".

The book exhibition presents materials about the life and works of Bakhyt Karabalina from the collection of gramophone records, books, sheet music and periodicals of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Welcome to the book exhibiton!