Г. Бельгер фото

There in the reading hall after Oraz Zhandosov of the Service «Kazakstan kitaptary» is organized the book exhibition «Ultym nemis bolsa da, zhyuregim kazak», dedicated to the life and creative activity of the well-known Kazakhstani writer, translator and publicist Gerold Karlovich Belger.

Gerold Belger was born on October 28, 1934 in the city of Engels of the Saratovskaya region in the family of the Volga Germans. In 1941 his family was deported to Kazakhstan, to the Kazakh village at the river of Ishym. He studied at the Kazakh secondary school. In 1958 he graduated from the literary faculty of the Kazakh pedagogical institute after Abai, in 1963 – the post-graduate course at the same very institute.

Belger began his labour activity in 1953 as a laboratory worker, after that the teacher of the secondary school, in 1963 – the literary worker of the magazine «Zhuldyz», in 1989 – chairman of the German national-cultural centre, in 1995 – chief editor of the German-lingual almanac «Phoenix». In 1994-1995 – the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RK from the Pavlodarskaya region, chairman of the German cultural society of Almaty city. The member of the Council of Germans of Kazxakhstan, Nat5ional council for the state policy of the President of the RK, of the Commission of the RK for the affairs of the UNESCO, member of the editorial collegiums of a number of literary magazines.

In 2016 there in the reading hall of «Kazakstan kitaptary» department of the National library of the RK for the purpose of immortalization of the memory of the well-known writer G. Belger and the popularization of his creative heritage was opened the memorial cabinet. Here is re-created the interior of the home work cabinet and are kept the personal things of the writer.

Belger is the big writer, who equally well possessed the native German language, as well as the Kazakh and Russian languages. The creative heritage of the writer which imbibed the traditions of the Kazakh, German and Russian cultures, became the moral, spiritual milestone in the formation of the inter-cultural dialogue, the collection of value behests for the future generation. He was translating into the Russian language the works of the classics of Kazakh literature: B. Mailin, G. Musrepov, A.Nurpeyisov and others. He is the author of the multiple novels, short novels and the literary-critical works. His works are filled with the deep meaning of the human relations, especial love to the native region, the high civil position and patriotism. The author of more than 1500 publications on the pages of the periodical press.     

For the active creative and public activity G. Belger was awarded with the orders of «Parasat» (1994), «Dostyk» of the 2-nd degree, «The presidential prize of peace and spiritual agreement» (1992), «For merits before the Federative Republic of Germany» (2010). The honored worker of culture. The winner of the prize of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan after B. Mailin (1988), of the independent prize «Tarlan».

There at the book exhibition «Ultym nemis bolsa da, zhyuregim kazak» are presented the materials about the life activity of G. Belger, the literature about him written by the known Kazakhstani personalities. The exhibition acquaints the readers with his works: «The house made of pine-trees at the edge of the aul» (1973), «The sea-gulls above the steppe» (1976), «The earthly chosen ones» (Goethe, Abai) (1995), «The Kazakh word» (2001), «The harmony of the spirit» (2003), «The ode to the translation» (2005), «The selected works» in 10 volumes (2009-2010), «The Kazakh arabesques» (2014) and others.

The purpose of the exhibition: to tell about the life and creative activity of the outstanding Kazakhstani writer G. Belger, who made a considerable contribution into the flourishing of the literature and culture of the people of Kazakhstan, the dynamic development of the Kazakh language.


      We invite you to the book exhibition!