The head of the department:

Ensebayeva Gulmira Saylaubekkyzy

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The main trends:

- The provision of reader access to the nationals and world musical-score heritage which is concentrated in the NLRK fond;

- The popularization of the musical art on the basis of the musical-score collections of the NLRK and the solution of problems of its preservation.

The main functions:

- the servicing of the readers by literature on art from the fonds of the department and the depositary department;

- the formation of the subsidiary fonds of literature on art, specialized collections of scores and audio-visual editions, including the electronic ones;

- the organization of registration and movement of the fond and its rational placement;

- the maintenance of the catalogues in the electronic and card forms;

- the digitization of the vinyl gramophone records in the Studio for the creation of digital audio-recordings;

- the rendering of reader services in listening to the musical pieces and also handing over to them of the musical instruments for playing upon them;

- the carrying out of book-illustrative exhibitions and organization of meetings with the musicians, composers, performers etc;

- the consultative-methodological assistance to the libraries of Kazakhstan 

There in the department function:

- the reading-hall;

- the cabins for the individual listening to music;

- the specialized cabinet with the instruments for playing upon them and for listening to the musical pieces;

- the studio for the creation of the digital audio-recordings.