On the 13th of May the deputy director on information technologies and innovations N.A. Iskalieva took part in a seminar "Legal culture as the main condition to minimize corruption in society" under the project "A set of measures to form anti-corruption awareness among young people", supported by the "Center for Support of Civic Initiatives.


Seminar organizers: project office "Almaty-Adaldyg Alany" of Almalinsk district of Almaty; Almaty city branch of the Republican public association "Nationwide Movement against Corruption "ZhANARU"; Eurasian Technological University.

Seminar participants: teaching staff, administrative and managerial personnel, as well as students of Eurasian Technological University.

The moderator of the seminar Kalimoldin M.M., member of the Council of Almaty city branch of ROO "ZHANARU", head of the project office "Almaty-Adaldyg Alany" of Almalinsk district of Almaty expressed his gratitude to the director of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan B.K. Ospanova for fruitful cooperation and support of the work of "National Movement against Corruption "ZHANARU".

B.B. Mamrayev - academician, member of the Coordinating Council on Counteraction of Corruption of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Public Council of the ROO "ZHANARU" on: "Reforms in the Republic of Kazakhstan on counteraction of corruption"; A.A. Akanova, Maslikhat deputy of the VII convocation, Director of the Center for Active Longevity of Almalinsk district and PF "Kumis gasyr" on: "Basics of anti-corruption culture"; N.A. Iskalieva, Iskalyeva N. on the topic: "The role of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the leading information and educational center of the country, in the prevention of corruption"; Abdimomyn B. M., specialist of civil-legal department of the administration of the Akim of the Almalinsk district of Almaty on the explanation of the Concept of anti-corruption policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2022-2026 years.