On the 20th of May new historical, cognitive, cultural and ethnographic books in the amount of 18 copies issued by the publishing house "Dala Design" with the support of the General Director of LLP "TOLAGAI-2050" Zhanysbekov Orazkhan Kenzhegulovich came to the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Presented books are a good contribution to the book collection. Among them we can point out books that are in particular demand among readers: collection of works in 5 volumes of "Kopen kele zhatyr! "Rahmatullauly F. " Uly dalynyn tugyrly tulgalary", Tazhyuly A. "Tau tulga Uzbekaly Zhanibekov", Zhanysbekov O.K. "Zhabuly tarikh zhangyrygy".

The National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan expresses great gratitude and appreciation to Orazkhan Kenzhegulovich Zhanysbekov.