On the 21st of June was held the presentation and round table discussion of the book "QAZAQLÏQ AND EDUCATION OF KAZAKHS" by the famous scholar, specialist in Turkic-Persian studies Ju-Yup Lee in the hall of N. Dauletova. The State and Identity in Post-Mongolian Central Eurasia.

Organizers are: “Shon” Foundation, IFEAC, National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, The Institute of History of Sh. Ualikhanov.

The greeting speeches were made by Bolat Junisbekov, Scientific Secretary of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and Nurova Gauhar Rakhmanberdievna, President of the "Shon" Foundation.

Author Ju-Yup Lee introduced his work "QAZAQLÏQ AND THE EDUCATION OF KAZAKHES. The State and Identity in Post-Mongolian Central Eurasia.

The roundtable was conducted by Gzavier Allez, a French scholar and senior member of the French Institute for Central Asian Studies (IFEAC).

At the event made a speech: a professor at Shakarim State University of Semey, candidate of historical sciences Amantai Isin; doctor of historical sciences Kanat Uskenbay; doctor of historical sciences, professor Aibolat Kushkumbayev; researcher of the Higher School of Social Sciences of France, PhD Vinest Frunio; PhD of KIMEP University, professor Nygmet Ibadildin; PhD of Institute of Oriental Studies of NAS of Azerbaijan Farda Asadov; candidate of historical sciences, assistant professor Nurlan Atygaev and others.

The new book was donated to the collection of the National Library of Kazakhstan and presented to the participants of the event.

Participants: historians, orientalists, translators, library readers and media representatives.

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