On August 4 there within the framework of the Children’s Year in Kazakhstan in the hall of the Literary academy of National library of the RK took place the Author’s training from the children’s writer Gulnar Zhandybayeva by the theme: “The personal limits of the child” for children aged from 5 to 11 years.


Gulnar Zhandybayeva is the author of the books ”The silently raging fauna” and the series of fairy-tales for the kids named “The Wonderful Fauna” and “The Lullabies”. The main peculiarities of her fairy-tales are the heroes: these are the animals that live on the pages of the Silently raging fauna but only in the kinder, edifying and cognitive narration. The fairy-tales are published in the Kazakh and Russian languages.  

The attractive and cognitive training took place in the gamer format with the bright pictures and was useful for the parents and the children too. The wonderful, attentive and positive trainer charged the hall and the participants with his positive energy.The children became acquainted with the personages of the fairy-tales and they also participated in the process of drawing of the given personages.

At the completion of the activity all the participants got the sweets and memorable prizes from the sponsors.