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On August 5 there in the hall after N. Dauletova took place the presentation of the books of the member of the Writers’ Union of the RK, the public figure, prosaic, translator Maruana Khamzakyzy “Kairan akem” and “To survive in spite of everything. The history of one Kazakh”.

The organizers of the activity: the Writers’ Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the foundation “Arys”  which studies the heritage of the repressed intelligentsia of Kazakhstan. 

The activity was opened by the scientific secretary of National library of the RK, winner of the International literary prize “Alash” Zhunusbekov Bolat Zhunusbekovich. The moderator was the director of the publishing house “Arys”, doctor of science (philology), professor Anes Garifolla Kabdolkayirovich.

There in the ceremony of the ribbon-cutting participated: Bubish Aisariyeva, Aben Nurmanov, Ertai Aigaliuly, Amangeldy Beiseuov, Evgeniya Chernova,Sara Kameron.

There at the presentation spoke: doctor of science (philology), professor,deputy chairman of the Writers’ Union Bauyrzhan Zhakyp, the enterpreneur George Bogushevskiy (the USA), the public figure, president of the International creative association “Beibitshilik alem” Aben Nurmanov, the chief editor of the newspaper “Kazakhstan dauyri” Ertai Aigaliuly, the veteran of the war and labour Evgeniya Chernova, assistant professor, candidate of science (philology) Askhat Alimov, professor of the Massachusets university Sara Kameron (USA) and others.

Participants: writers, poets, journalists, literary experts, librarians and readers.

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