On August 10 there at National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place the holiday activity “Bilimdiden shykkan soz” dedicated to the Day of Abai – the great Kazakh poet and thinker. There to the activity was invited the creative intelligentsia, the poets, writers, representatives of cultural organizations, the children and youth.


The creative heritage of Abai is acknowledged by the whole world. His works sound in many languages. The heritage of the great Kazakh poet is an indispensable part of the world culture, and his name stands in one row together with the greatest poets of all times and peoples.

Especial gratitude the National library of the RK expresses to the Republican academic German dramatic theatre as represented by director Eva Bekher, for the support in the carrying out of this activity.   

The actress of theatre and cinema Anastasiya Loshmanova read in the German language the excerpt from “The Words of Edification” of Abai. The children’s musical studio “Katzen Piloten” performed the song “Zhelsiz tyunde zharyk ai” in the Kazakh and German languages.

There within the framework of the Children’s year announced by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the librarians of the Service of world literature organized the excursion for the little participants and their parents.

The library gave to all the artistes of the German dramatic theatre the letters of gratitude, there were given presents to them – the books of Abai, and also the reader tickets of National library of the RK.  

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