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On  August 10 there in the format of work of the hall of the Literary academy at the National library of the RK started the course “The basics of financial literacy” for children from 10 to 13 years of age.


The given course is elaborated by the holding “Freedom Finance” with the support of the Agency for regulating and development of financial market – this is the free children’s camp “Freedom Finance Camp”. The purpose of the work of the camp is to simply and accessibly tell children what money is, how to treat it, earn it, accumulate and spend cleverly. The course is carried out in the creative format and with the interactive games.

There at the first lesson the children received the knowledge about the history of appearance of money, about the currencies of different countries, about planning, they learned what kinds of spendings there can be, incomes and many other things.The children participated most actively, they asked and answered the questions.    

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