тұлға болам

On August 16 there in the Greater hall of National library of the RK took place the results of the Republican competition of readers “Tulga bolam”.


The public foundation “Shugyla” and the centre of development “Dariya”with the support of the young businessmen-sponsors carried out the third season  of the Competition for reading books “Tulga bolam”. The participants of the competition: the 4 groups of school age and 1 adult group. Each group has their books and their prizes. The books for reading: the Kazakh and world literary classics. By the conditions of the Competition the participants had to read the 3 books in 3 stages. At the end of each stage there was carried out the online test by the book.

The main purpose of the Competition – to motivate the youth for reading, revive the skills of reading in the country on the whole, calling through the books to the cognizance of the world and the human values. The participation in the Competition is free. There in the first, second and third stages of the Competition each of which consisted from 3 stages, were registered 50, 100 and 100 thousand participants accordingly.

The moderator of the evening was the singer Erzhan Smagulov.

There in the activity participated the head of the department of culture of Almaty city Mailybayev Gani Aidaruly; the winner of the International literary prize “Alash”, scientific secretary of National library of the RK Zhunusbekov Bolat Zhunusbekovich; the poet, journalist, deputy chairman of the Writers’ Union Zhakyp Bauyrzhan Omirzhanuly; the founder of the company “Dacomotors Kazakhstan”, member of the trustee council of the foundation “Shugyla”, entrepreneur Syrymbek Tau; the sponsors: Karayev Rustem Zhauymbaiuly, Zhanksymbetov Zhasulan Zharkynatuly, Zhanykulov Zhumabek Esilbekuly, Tapishev Azat Kaliollauly spoke and participated in the ceremony of awarding of the victors of the Competition.

In the course of the activity there to the 28 winners were handed the valuable gifts: the Travel to Istambul, MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch, the bicycles, the 350 00 tenge, the 500 000 tenge and other gifts. The honorary guests of the activity and director of National library of the RK Ospanova Bakytzhamal Kayirbekovna and also the sponsors were awarded with the gifts and the Letters of thanks from the organizers.  

There in the activity participated the representatives of intelligentsia, literary experts and the mass-media, the teachers and pupils of the schools , the librarians, the family-victors.

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