On August 24 the writer, the well-known figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan known in the country, the holder of the order “Parasat”, the winner of the prize after M. Auezov Kadirbek Segizbaiuly donated to National library his books “Kalamdastar, karailasar (Adebi pikirler)” and “Tagdyr tolkyny (yulken tarikhtyn kishkentai bolshegi)”.


There in the book “Kalamdastar, karailasar (Adebi pikirler)” are presented the responses of the readers, and also the colleagues of the writing business about the works of Kadirbek Segizbaiuly created during the fifty year of creative activity. The edition contains the new facts about the outstanding Kazakhstani writer, the stages of his life, the sources of inspiration.    

The novel “Tagdyr tolkyny (ulken tarikhtyn kishkentai bolshegy)” is published with the support of the akimat of Almaty city and is proposed for the State prize.

This novel is oriented upon the modern youth. It is namely to them are addressed the multiple examples of love for the native land, patriotism, morality, courage and heroism, re-created by the author upon the pages of the novel.

The author saturates the text with the figurative folk language. There from the mouths of the heroes and the personages sound the old proverbs and sayings, the figurative expressions.  One can say with certainty that the brightly expressed patriotism of the work will find the response with the modern reader.


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