On August 25 the specialists of the Scientific-methodological service – the head Makhanbetova G.A. and the workers Myspayeva R.K., Mukharam A.K. carried out the bibliographical review of the novelties of professional literature for the administration, the heads of the services and the groups of National library of the RK. There were presented the new acquisitions of the periodical editions which had come to the fond of National library of the RK.

The librarians were acquainted with the topical themes and articles published in the professional magazines: “Kitap & Kitapkhana”, “Kitap patshalygy.QZ”, “Herald of LAE”, “Library study”, “The scientific and technical libraries”, “The librarianship business”. There were also presented the Informational-analytical review “The libraries of Kazakhstan-2021: the facts and figures” and the monograph published by the Russian state library “The National libraries of the countries of the CIS: development of partnership”.

The specialists of National library listened to the information about the new technologies in librarianship business, and they also learned what unusual libraries exist abroad and what changes there are in the legislation of the USA pertaining to the librarianship business. There were given the recommendations for the independent acquisition of the theoretical knowledge and their use in practice. The review ended with the training-exercise for the heightening of the tonus and the mood of the workers.      

Director of National library of the RK Ospanova Bakytzhamal Kayirbekovna offered to study the published materials about the rights and the protection of interests in the foreign countries,in particular in the USA, in the sphere of the administrative and penal legislation.