31621875 ed0f 4130 8f6d 212c03fa17ebOn September 5 the National library of the RK organized guest book exhibition "Kazak ruhaniyatynyң kosemi" in the format of conference " Ult ustazy", held at Almaty University of Energy and Communication and devoted to 150 anniversary of Kazakh public and political figure, member of party "Alash", educator, scientist-linguist, literature expert, Turkologist, poet and translator Akhmet Baitursynuly.

The organizer: the Association of higher educational establishments of Kazakhstan.

There at the book exhibition are presented the materials from the fonds of National library of the RK about the life and creative activity of the outstanding figure, the poems and the lyrical verses, the translations of his works, the publications of the scientists who studied the different aspects of the life activity of Akhmet Baitursynov.

The review of the book exhibitions for the guests was carried out by the head of the group “Kazakstan kitaptary” K. Kasymbekova.

The interest to the book exhibition was shown by the representatives of intelligentsia, teachers, students, librarians of the higher educational establishments and the public.