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On September 5 there in the House of Friendship of of Almaty city in honour of the 150-th jubilee of Akhmet Baitursynov  and the Day of languages of the people of Kazakhstan by the National library of the RK was organized the exit book exhibition “Kazak rukhaniyatynyn kosemy”.


The book exhibition was presented through different kinds of materials:the encyclopaedias, the biographical reference editions, fiction and literature about Akhmet Baitursynov. The purpose of the book exhibition is the multilateral popularization of the works of the great figure, the acquaintance of the readers with the literary heritage of A. Baitursyluly.

The review around the book exhibition for the guests was carried out by the head of the group “Kazakstan kitaptary” K.Kasymbekova and the librarian of the Service of exhibitions and cultural programmes Sh. Koshenova.

The exhibition was visited by the representatives of the intelligentsia, the heads and representatives of the ethnical-cultural associations, and also by the representatives of the public.

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